Books on Adolf Loos in the RIBA British Architectural Library

Books on Adolf Loos in the RIBA British Architectural Library

I’ve taken up a 6-week challenge to create a model to celebrate the Adolf Loos Season at the RIBA, this is my progress so far…

The model I will be building will be entirely based solely on the research from the collections of the RIBA British Architectural Library, one of the world’s top three architectural collections. My first task is to choose a building, so today I will use the online catalogue to see all the resources the Library has on Adolf Loos, as well as going round the free exhibitions here at 66 Portland Place.

The deadline
I need to conclude the research quickly as the model must be completed by the end of the Loos exhibitions on 3 May 2011. Work on the model will begin next week in the Library (which is open to the public) where you will be able to see it being built.

Can you help?
If you can suggest a building, or have any tips on research and what I should look out for, then please comment below.

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  1. Joanna Smith

    March 25, 2011

    I suggest the Steiner House.
    Roof covering should prove an interesting challenge to a model making excerise.

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