Jonathan Makepeace on the news that RIBApix, the RIBA Library’s image database, recently reached a landmark of 75,000 images online…

Bell Harry Tower, Canterbury Cathedral, photographed in 1992

Image (enlarge): Bell Harry Tower, Canterbury Cathedral, photographed in 1992
Architect: John Wastell
Photographer: Richard Ingle
© Richard Ingle / RIBA Library Photographs Collection
Image from RIBApix

This, the 75,000th image looking up the Bell Harry Tower, Canterbury Cathedral, and almost as if viewing through a kaleidoscope, is one of 500 digital images of the work of Richard Ingle FRPS (1927-2010). Ingle’s interest in churches was sparked when he visited the Norman church at Peterchurch following evacuation to Herefordshire at the beginning of World War II, but it was not until 40 years later that he was finally able to devote sufficient time to photography. Greatly influenced by Edwin Smith, he largely photographed medieval churches and cathedrals using a large format Japanese-made Wista 5 x 4 camera with the intention of communicating “the sense of wonder and peace” which they inspired in him. Not only did he meticulously note the exposure and printing information for each image, but also details of events happening in and off the scene he was recording.

Jonathan Makepeace
Imaging Services Manager, British Architectural Library, RIBA

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