Curator Charles Hind looks into the history of a house in China, designed by British architect Oliver Hill in the early 20th century…

Design for a house in Tsinan

Design for a house in Tsinan (now Jinan), China, 1921
Architect: Oliver Hill
© RIBA Library Drawings and Archives Collections
Image from RIBApix

This house was designed for Peter and Helena Wright, English missionary doctors in China. Helena was Associate Professor of Gynaecology at Shantung Christian University becoming an internationally famous pioneer of birth control and family planning. Oliver Hill, a fashionable country house architect, had known Helena since childhood and they had a long-standing relationship that did not endanger her marriage. The house is in the style of the Edwardian architect Edwin Lutyens, with a Chinese twist.

Article by Charles Hind
Chief Curator, British Architectural Library, RIBA

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