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The portrait of a northern soul

Article by Cecilia Ferrari* As I left Manchester on a train, I couldn’t help but notice how the narrow rows of terraced houses thinned out into a flat, wide horizon of green fields and scattered

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Visions for the Future of Cities

The Commonwealth Association of Architects (CAA) and the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) announced the winners of the international student competition ’Visualising the Future of the City’ at a reception on the evening

Rethinking the Purpose of Architectural Education

Article by  Ben Taylor* Architectural education is in crisis! It fails to prepare architects for a profession (also in crisis) that is subsumed by and serves to reinforce neoliberalism! That was the position expected of

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Influencing Policy
Debating the present and challenging the future of architectural education

Article by Reece Singleton* In an ever changing world there a few things that stand still and resist change, except possibly the way in which we educate young architects in the United Kingdom. British architectural