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Final Frame: Economist Building

A timely reminder of his influence on the townscape movement, Suzanne Waters looks at an illustration by Gordon Cullen, from the collections of the RIBA… This image commemorates the 100th anniversary of the architect and town planner Gordon Cullen

Earthen Architecture in Resource Limited Settings: A Bangladesh Case Study

The final Perspectives on Architecture talk in 2013 came from Jo Ashbridge, 2012 RIBA Boyd Auger Scholarship recipient, on Tuesday 12th November. At the time of receiving the award she was already in Bangladesh working with a

ArcKit: Releasing creativity, rediscovering design

Article by Georgie Day* For someone who thinks of themselves as tending towards the experimental and progressive, perhaps it is strange that I am such a big fan of rules and constraints. This is because

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Spreading the word about research via social media (and the Home Improvements project)

Social media are an excellent way to spread the word about architectural research – whether you’re a practitioner or an academic. This often involves using multiple channels to get a message across; the Motivating